Field Customer Service Representative I/II

Company: Las Virgenes Municipal Water District
Organization Type: Public Water/Wastewater Agency
Location: Calabasas, California
Job Status: Full-time
Salary: See Below
Job ID: 43856

Under general supervision of the Customer Service Operations Supervisor, a Field Customer Service Representative (FCSR) l, ll reads, records, and reports potable and recycled water meter readings. A FCSR investigates, resolves, provides follows-up on customer requests or issues for both potable and recycled water regarding turn-on or turn-off of the service, no water, water quality, pressure, billing, and other issues; and distributes notifications. A FCSR responds to calls during daytime hours for main leaks and sheared/downed fire hydrants. A FCSR performs mechanical work installing, repairing, testing and calibrating water meters, pressure regulators, angle stops, meter boxes, vault lids, pipe coatings. A FCSR assists and/or performs water audits/surveys at the customer's property and assists with recycled water surveillance, cross connections inspections, backflow testing and maintenance.

This is a flexibly staffed series and employees typically enter at the Field Customer Service Representative I level. A Field Customer Service Representative I performs routine tasks and many of the duties required of a FCSR II, but is not expected to perform at the same skill level. A Field Customer Service Representative I exercises less independent judgment and discretion and has a narrower scope of responsibility. Upon meeting the performance standards of the higher level as designated by the division and certification requirements, an employee is promoted to the II level. The II level is the fully experienced, journey level class. If an employee enters the series at the II level, the employee must have the required certification, closely related experience and meet the division's competency standards.

Essential Duties:

  • Reads, records, and reports potable and recycled water meter readings, cleans face of meters and clears meter boxes and areas around the meter boxes so that meter can be read.

  • Generates and reviews computer reports to identify unusual usage; based on report results, determines need for confirmation of specific reads; rereads meters indicated to be reading too high or too low on computer summaries; rereads meters on which customer concerns have been received; investigates potential causes for unusual readings and documents findings.

  • Accesses computer programs for records regarding customer accounts and meter information; researches customer accounts and meter records for information and data. Maintains records on meter history, repairs and maintenance.

  • Conducts customer service calls for concerns regarding high water use, leaks, billing and other issues; confers with customer to determine full extent and nature of problem; investigates presence and probable causes of difficulties; advises customer of findings and possible remedies; records and reports findings for customer records; responds to customer questions and concerns with issues regarding District activities and functions other than meter reading.

  • Conducts preliminary investigations of water quality complaints; informs customer of findings; prepares report and refers, as necessary, to appropriate District personnel for further investigation.

  • Investigates high and low pressure difficulties; reads District maps and schematics to assess potential causes; reports findings to appropriate District staff and may assist with activities for remediation; advises customer of findings; explains District course of action or reasons that pressure problems cannot be remedied.

  • Performs maintenance and repairs to meters, automatic meter reading equipment, pressure regulators, vaults and other water service appurtenances, such as broken lids, boxes, and make adjustments if needed.

  • Performs preliminary investigation of leaks on mains and service lines; determines extent of leak and takes appropriate action, such as TDS testing, main valve shutoff, notification to other appropriate District personnel.

  • May participate in varied construction activities, including pouring concrete, large meter changeout, raising vaults, etc.

  • May work during after-hour, on-call periods and during other unusual or emergency situations.

  • Performs work in a safe manner at all times; complies with safety and health policies, procedures and practices; attends and completes all mandatory safety training courses and events; and works to insure the safety of co-workers and the general public.

Training and Experience Guidelines:
Any combination of training and experience, which demonstrates attainment of the required knowledge and ability to perform the required work (with reasonable accommodation, if needed), typically:

EDUCATION: High school diploma or equivalent is required

EXPERIENCE: Field Customer Service Representative I - Two (2) years of experience in dealing with the public in a customer service capacity and some mechanical maintenance background including experience in performing mechanical repairs, testing and calibration equipment, reading gauges and meters. Field Customer Service Representative II - One (1) year of experience as a Field Customer Service Representative I or comparable experience in potable water systems.

A valid California Class C Driver's License must be maintained at all times.

A State of California Grade III Water Distribution Operator Certification is required for a Field Customer Service Representative II.

A State of California Grade IV Water Distribution Operator Certification and/or a Grade IV Water Treatment Certification are desired.

SALARY: $3,572.40 - $5,440.24 Monthly

CLOSING DATE: Friday, June 23, 2017, 11:59 p.m.


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